Dead by Daylight will have a Matchmaking Incentive System like Overwatch & The Grudge Kayako Ultra Rare Skin for Sadako Rising Chapter? + ALL Upcoming Cosmetics & Tome XI Characters + Rift Skins


Info about a news on the Dead by Daylight Matchmaking + Ultra Rare Skin for Sadako & Upcoming Cosmetics. Read More…

Dead by Daylight is testing internally a way to improve queues during matchmaking, as there are specific moments during the day that one role is more played than another, making the time when searching for a match too long, and harming even those who will then be in the game, as the longer the time you are in the queue, and the more requirements to mate with other players become less 'fair'.

In fact initially the matchmaking will try to find players of your same skill, but if it realizes that the queue is lasting too long, he will increase those requirements, until he finds players, risking to put you against player of higher experience than yours, thus creating an unbalanced match.

For Behaviour Interactive, the way to solve this is to adopt a model similar to that adopted by Blizzard with Overwatch: reward those who play the role less played at that time, in the case of Dead by Daylight, the prize will be Bloodpoints.

The numbers of bloodpoints received will depend on the difference in players between killers and survivors.

In addition, I remind you that today will be released on all platforms the chapter of Sadako Rising, and will also be released an Ultra Rare skin that was previously a Legendary Skin.

A few years ago was released a film called Kayako vs Sadako (The Ring vs The Grudge), and the skin in question could just be inspired by that film, bringing The Grudge on Dead by Daylight as skin, making it Ultra Rare and no longer legendary for the excessive similarities that there will be with Sadako.

I also remind you that:

- The new survivor will be received a new skin today that will cost 1080 Auric Cells.

- A new skin will be released on March 10 for Yui Kimura and The Spirit, and will cost 1080 Auric Cells/21600 Shards. A skin for Jane Romero that will cost 1080 Auric Cells will also be released.

- A new skin for Felix Richter and Elodie Rakoto will be released on March 17, costing 1080 Auric Cells/21600 Shards.

- A new skin for Ace Visconti will be released on March 24 and will cost 1080 Auric Cells/21600 Shards.

There will also be new Torso skins for:
Jeff: It will cost 250 Auric Cells/4500 Shards
The Legion: It will cost 440 Auric Cells
Dwight: It will cost 400 Auric Cells/7200 Shards
Nea: 250 Auric Cells/4500 Shards

All these torso skins will be released on March 24th + 3 new charms.

After a few weeks from the release of the Ringu Chapter, Mid-Chapter 23.5 will be released containing the following skins:
April 19th: The Artist, The Blight, Zarina Kassir, Jonah Vasquez and Mikaela Reid will receive a new skin that will cost 1080 Auric Cells/21600 Shards.

- April 21stNea Karlsson will receive a new skin that will cost 1080 Auric Cells.

Moreover, the Characters of Tome XI will be The Twins David King, and in the new rift there will also be a new skin for Feng Min, The Legion, David King, The Twins, Jeff Johansen. There will then be skin recolor for Hillbilly, Dwight, Adam, Nurse, Trickster, Meg and Claudette.

In addition, Meg Thomas will receive a new skin probably related to Amazon Prime Gaming.

What do you think about all this? will you buy the Sadako Rising Chapter?

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