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Dead by Daylight Mobile: New Features!

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New features for the Dead by Daylight Mobile game have been announced!
Let’s see them together.

Survive With Friends
The first feature we will talk about is ‘Survive with Friends‘: Even in the mobile version, in fact, will come the mode that will allow you to create party and play with up to three of your friends!

The second feature we will talk about is ‘Disconnection Bots’: This, unlike the feature we mentioned earlier, is not present in the PC & Console game of Dead by Daylight. In fact, a completely new function will arrive on Dead by Daylight Mobile: if a survivor or a killer disconnects, they will be replaced by a bot, and this avoiding specially situations of imbalance within the team of survivors just in case someone disconnects.

The third and final feature we will talk about is the ‘BloodMarket‘: Also this, as ‘Disconnection Bots‘, is a unique feature for the Dead by Daylight Mobile game. The bloodmarket will allow you to purchase items, offers and add-ons (not the perks) with the bloodpoints you will get by playing. The survivor items will be shared among all your characters with a single inventory, unlike the killers who instead will each have their own inventory with their own add-ons. Furthermore, as far as killer items are concerned, you can only buy those of the killer that you have unlocked and the more time you play with a killer, the more you will increase the chances of making his items appear on the market. Items within the market will reset every 24 hours.

Which of these features do you like best?

I remind you that Dead by Daylight Mobile will be officially released on the App Store & Google Play on April 16th.

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