Dead by Daylight Leaks – New Release Dates for Chapter 19 All-Kill, Cosmetics, PTB & Mid-Chapter 19.5


New dates for the upcoming contents on Dead by Daylight! Read More…

After the postponement of Chapter 19 due to the prolonged approval of the build on consoles, the Mid-Chapter and the new cosmetics have also suffered a postponement.

These are the new release dates:

• CHAPTER 19 is set to be released on March 30th along with the new skins. For those who have not read my old article, the upcoming skins are the following:

11 new skins will be released for Yun Jin, of which 9 will be recolors. There will be one outfit that can be purchased for 1080 auric cells, and another that can be purchased for 675 auric cells or 13500 shards.

Also for The Trickster there will be new skins, precisely 10, of which 8 will be recolorsAs well as for Yun Jin, there will also be a skin for him that can be purchased for 1080 auric cells, and another that can be purchased for 675 auric cells or 13500 shards.

Moreover, there will also be skins for Adam FrancisFelix RichterElodie RakotoFeng Min and Dwight FairfieldTheir cost will be 21600 shards/1080 auric cells.

And, finally, a new skin for the Clown will be released on April 2nd, it will cost 1080 auric cells.

• MID-CHAPTER 19.5 will be released on May 11th, and the PTB will be released on April 20th.

The COSMETICS coming with v4.6.0 are as follows:

• Elodie Rakoto Skin
- Name: Seoul Queen
- Description: Before meeting with a lucrative collector in Seoul's most luxurious districts, she decides to get the royal treatment. She visits Apgujeong Rodeo Street for a day of self-care.
- Collection: Seoul Sights

• Feng Min Skin
- Name: Seoul Gamer
- Description: She took the opportunity to catch up with a few expert players she knew from previous competitions. After grabbing lunch together, they headed to a PC bang to play a few casual MMORPG matches.
- Collection: Seoul Sights

• Adam Francis Skin
- Name: Seoul Spectator
- Description: He organized a school trip to Seoul to motivate his students to study hard throughout the year.
- Collection: Seoul Sights

• Dwight Fairfield Skin
- Name: Lost in Transition
- Description: Dwight quickly got lost in Seoul. Yet he remained too stubborn to ask for directions.
- Collection: Seoul Sights

• Felix Richter Skin
- Name: Seoul Wanderer
- Description: Felix explored the city to admire the striking contemporary architecture that makes Seoul so unique.
- Collection: Seoul Sights

• Yun Jin Skin
- Name: Seoul Socialite
- Description: Attends the most elite parties of socialite at the heart of the city, not far from her freshly obtained penthouse residence.
- Collection: Seoul Sights

• Clown Skin
- Name: Eggs-Uberant
- Description: It was the time of the year when families were starved for activies and delivered their children to any street performer vaguely fitting the effervescence of Spring.
- Collection: Spring Ensemble

• Trickster Skin
- Name: Cut Thru U Performance
- Description: The outfit of the opening song during the Trickster's World Tour, which involves a theatrical play of lights and elaborate choreography.
- Collection: Seoul Sights

*Note: I remind you that all this is still under development and therefore the dates may change until they are officially announced.

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