There are new leaks about the new upcoming skins, the new charms and the new lobby music and chase music of the HillBilly.

Thanks to Masusder.


These are the upcoming new skins and new charms:

collection dead by daylight leaksbydaylight niitoishere dbd skins
charms dead by daylight behaviour interactive dbd leaksbydaylight greek legends collection tome iv conviction


These are all the banners for the new collections:

greek legends collection dead by daylight dbd
pyramid head greek collection dbd behaviour interactive dead by daylight leaksbydaylight
leaksbydaylight greek collections legends dead by daylight dbd
dead by daylight greek collections legends leaksbydaylight


The Hillbilly has new chase music and there is also a new music on the menu/lobby:

• The HillBilly Chase:

• The HillBilly Menu Music:

What do you think of these upcoming collections & charms?

And do you like the new Hillbilly music?