Dead by Daylight – The New Survivor may be the First Book-Inspired Content: William Shakespeare’s Macbeth


A witch survivor from a Shakespeare plays? Read More…

Some time ago the Dead by Daylight staff did a survey to understand the public from which 'media' they wanted a collaboration, and among the choices there were also books and comics.

It seems that the next survivor coming to Dead by Daylight is inspired by a book, more precisely by a play: Macbeth by William Shakespeare.

At the publication of the trailer of the content, in fact, a sentence was written on twitter from the official account of the game, which is a sentence that is found right in the book of Shakespeare, precisely it is a verse from the song of the witches of Macbeth: "Double, double, toil and trouble", moreover, in the trailer it is possible to see from a person's perspective, something that closes in front of itself, that 'something' could be a curtain, in fact the Macbeath was a theatrical work:

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Would you like a survivor inspired by a book/play?

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