Dead by Daylight Leaks – The entire items catalog has been converted also for PS5 & Xbox Series X!


Leaks about Dead By Daylight on PS5 & Xbox Series X! Read More…

Ever since the graphics improvements for Dead by Daylight was announced, the most attentive will have immediately understood that redoing the technical side of Dead by Daylight corresponded to a very specific market need: the arrival of the Next Gen at the end of this year.

Behaviour Interactive didn't keep us waiting long to get a first taste of Next Gen, in fact, thanks to the current PTB on PC, it is possible to notice the first graphic improvements on some maps, and also the generators animations completely redone, more realistic and cared for.

The new animations to the generators have also been chosen to communicate the generational leap that Dead by Daylight is facing, publishing, yesterday, the first "Teaser Next Gen(erator)" in which the focus is precisely the new animations to the generators:

Furthermore, all the skins currently obtainable have been converted to be available also in the next gen version of the game.

For example, look at the info on this item by Laurie Strode:

As you can read, among the acronyms of the platforms in which this item is available, there are also ps5 and xsx, or the acronyms of Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X.

Obviously I do not make the screen of all the items because there are so many.

What do you think about it? will you buy Dead by Daylight on the upcoming new consoles?

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