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Dead by Daylight – Jeepers Creepers Reborn & Five Nights at Freddy’s Chapters Next Year?

Next year could come the collaboration between Dead by Daylight and Jeepers Creepers, the reason is quite simple: the saga starts with a new film "Jeepers Creepers Reborn", revealed an hour ago with the first teaser.

We know that in the past Behaviour said that he did not want to collaborate with Jeepers Creepers because of the bad reputation of the license holder, but they also said that we would never receive a killer clown, for example.

As the Game Director said, Dead by Daylight is now a showcase for the world of horror, many companies contact Behaviour for a collaboration, and the same could happen with Jeepers Creepers to promote the new film. It’s already happened with Leatherface, for example, and not only.

Another collaboration that could happen soon is with FNaF. Yesterday was released the release date of the new game: December 16, in time for the last chapter of the year.

Even if there is no collaboration this year between the two games, we know that the community would love a game on FNaF, and Behaviour always listens to the community (for example, there was a survey in which users were asked which IP preferred a collaboration, among the choices there were also Resident Evil and Silent Hill, both arrived on Dead by Daylight (and there was also FNaF)).

Would you prefer a collaboration with Jeepers Creepers or with FNaf, if you had to choose?

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