Dead by Daylight Leaks – Oktoberfest Collection Trailer LEAKED!


Oktoberfest collection leaked! Read More…

In the past few weeks I have told you about a particular collection about Meg Thomas, Kate Denson & Felix Richter coming up on Dead by Daylight, namely the Oktoberfest one.

Thanks to Noc7urn3, today I show you the skins that will be part of this new collection and also the dedicated trailer.

Before you look at the skins I inform you that Kate's skin is a Set, so you won't be able to buy individual pieces from that skin but you will have to buy the entire skin. While the skins of Felix Richter and Meg Thomas are not Set:

What do you think of this upcoming collection?

*Edit: Behaviour Int. made the trailer video private, but I screened the skins just in case of this occurrence, so you can just watch them from there.

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