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In June 2022, Behaviour Interactive, will celebrate the sixth anniversary of Dead by Daylight with a new event, and recently there was speculation about which could be the killer and the survivor of the new chapter, as the last chapters of June have always been licensed, but unfortunately this will probably not happen again this year.

It’s actually been discovered through datamining, that the next killer is going to be original, so it’s going to make a completely original chapter.

For those who do not know, in fact, weeks ago the information about the survivor & the killer power and perks was leaked:

For those who don’t know, information about the new event has also been leaked, with also a new type of challenge coming up called 'community challenges':

*Note: I remind you as always that all this can change until the official release, as it is all still in development, until it will be officially announced by Behaviour Interactive. In fact, the double bloodpoints leaked yesterday, have been currently disabled, so at the moment there are no double bloodpoints from 14 to 18 April as said yesterday.

What do you think about it? Are you happy that it will be an original chapter or would you prefer a licensed chapter?

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