Dead by Daylight Project W – All Resident Evil Characters will have Lines of Dialogue: Albert Wesker, Rebecca Chambers, Sheva Alomar, Jill Valentine, Claire Redfield, Leon Kennedy, Chris Redfield & Carlos Oliveira: Audio Leaked


Project W Lines of Dialogue Leaked. Read More…

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After various leaks on Project W Chapter regarding Power, Perks, Map, PTB Date, DLC Price, Wesker Chase Music, Biographies, Portraits, Legendary Cosmetics for Sheva & Carlos and much more:

Have been leaked lines of dialogue of all the characters of Resident Evil, those already on Dead by Daylight and those that will come with Project W Chapter, then, everyone will talk, such as happens to Ash J. Williams:

Albert Wesker:









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1 Year Ago

these are pretty awful lol. wesker, jill, and leon sound alright, but the rest… oof. i wonder why they got rid of sheva’s accent and made ada sound so boring.

still hyped tho! shevas finally in something that isnt a card game in 13years 😀