Dead by Daylight – PTB Next Week: Progression System Overhauled, Meta Perks Updates, Prestige and Generators Speed Changes, Matchmaking Incentives & More!


Infos from upcoming PTB! Read More…

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Many changes are coming on Dead by Daylight, which can be tested by the community in the PTB that will be released next week.

Some of the new changes concern the 75% grind decrease to get all perks, the removal of perks teachable, which will be connected simply to the prestiges of the characters: at the first prestige you will unlock the advantages of that character for all the other characters, at the second and third prestige you will unlock levels 2 and 3 of the Perks.

In addition, prestige will no longer remove Perks obtained in the previous 50 levels. The prestige will no longer be blocked at just 3 levels, you can also do the prestige 4,5 and 6 that will give the special bloody-skins that today are given with the first three levels, while if you get to the prestige 7,8 and 9 you will be given special charms based on the perks exclusive to that particular character. Who has already got the bloody-skins will not lose them, indeed, to all those who have all three prestiges on characters before the new update, he will be given a special icon prestige.

The Shrine of Secrets will allow you to buy directly the Perks to have them immediately available to be equipped on the characters, and there will be incentives in the form of bloodpoints for those who will play the role less played at that time of day.

It was also increased the time to repair a generator to 90 seconds, break a generator will regress instantly by 2.5%, and as for the killers, were reduced by 10% the speed in breaking pallets, kick generators, cooldown of the base attack, and the activation of bloodlust levels was reduced by 10 seconds.

Finally there will be changes to the Perks as BBQ that will no longer have its bonus at bloodpoints, and, plus, the unhooked survivor will receive a 7% Haste effect for 5 seconds, and 5 second Endurance effect after being unhooked, both effects are cancelled with a Conspicuous Action (repairing generator, healing, cleansing etc.).

Excited about all this changes?

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