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Dead by Daylight – Capcom seeking collaborations for Resident Evil 25th Anniversary on March 2021: Chapter 19 Licensed Confirmed?

Some time ago Capcom had opened a page on its website in the license business section where they state that they are planning something special for March 2021: it pointed out that it was looking for "licensing partners" to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Resident Evil Saga: "We are looking for licensees, focusing on the 25th anniversary of the Resident Evil series (March 2021). We are looking forward to planning campaigns and goods that take advantage of the world view of Resident Evil."

The page was not supposed to be discovered by users, in fact it was immediately made private, but what was written inside is already happening.

Capcom in fact, to celebrate the anniversary, has already made two collaborations:

A collaboration with Netflix, which is producing an Animated Horror Series that will be released this year:

And also a cross-over event with a Ubisoft video-game: in Tom Clancy's The Division 2 there will be a special event to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Resident Evil saga:

Now, let's see how this can be linked to Dead by Daylight:

Resident Evil's anniversary will be March 22, 2021:
Precisely the month of the next chapter of Dead by Daylight.

I remind you that the game director of Dead by Daylight, Mathieu Cote, said that they work to guarantee at least 50% of original content and maximum 2 licensed chapters per year. In the Year 4, there is currently only one licensed product: Silent Hill.

According to what he said then, if they want to respect the figure of 50% original content per year, in March there should be another licensed chapter to close Year 4, and it could be the Resident Evil Chapter, as the anniversary of the saga is precisely in the month in which the Chapter 19 will be released. And also because Capcom has already shown that it wants to cross-over with other video games, like the one it has already done with The Division 2.

Also, again from what Mathieu Cote said, Dead by Daylight has now become so big that it is also a place to showcase the franchises, and what better time for Capcom to collaborate with Behaviour Interactive, if not in the year of its 25th anniversary? They did it with Netflix and Ubisoft, why not also with the most successful horror multiplayer?

Moreover, to a question asked of Mathieu Cote regarding other video game collaborations after Silent Hill, this was his answer:
"maybe? video games are also a faucet for great horror story telling, if people are interested it might just happen, they want stuff from every medium."

Furthermore, a collaboration with Dead by Daylight could also boost sales of the new game due out in May: Resident Evil Village and its multiplayer: Re:Verse.

A specific page was also made on the Resident Evil site where everything that is coming to celebrate the 25th anniversary is shown:

Of course, it may also be that Capcom and Behaviour Interactive have agreed to celebrate both anniversaries of their games at the same time, and therefore move the Resident Evil chapter to June, where Dead by Daylight's fifth anniversary will be celebrated.

What do you think of all this? would you like a chapter on Resident Evil? and for you there are more chances that it will be released in March or June?

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