Dead by Daylight – The Resident Evil Chapter Killer could be a Resident Evil Village Character


Speculations about the killer of the Resident Evil Chapter. Read More…

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Yesterday a teaser was released on the social channels of Dead by Daylight to remind you that there are 3 weeks left until the anniversary stream that will reveal the Resident Evil Chapter.

As happened last year, this year too the fans have speculated about who could be the killer based on the number in the anniversary banner.

Last year the 4 was connected to the head of Pyramid Head, and in fact it was a right speculation, this year instead the 5 recalls a hook, which could be connected to the sisters of Lady Dimitrescu, as all three have hooks, and then to the latest Resident Evil game: Resident Evil Village:

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Putting an important reference to Resident Evil Village within this chapter would make sense, as it would give a boost in visibility (and therefore in potential sales) to the new game.

But for now this is just a speculation, I remind you that in exactly 20 days there will be the stream that will reveal the contents of this new chapter.

Are you excited about it?

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