Dead by Daylight – Resident Evil Chapter Release Date, PTB, Upcoming Cosmetics Prices & Claire Redfield Survivor + Rockfort Island the Map?


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Yesterday the next chapter of Dead by Daylight was made official, which will be released in June: the Resident Evil Chapter.

The reveal will take place on May 25th in livestream, immediately after it there will be the PTB.

The release on all platforms is scheduled for June 15th.

The survivor arriving with this chapter will probably not be the only character arriving on Dead by Daylight from the world of Resident Evil, the collaboration with Capcom can in fact continue in the following months to bring other characters in the form of legendary skins (as is going to happen with Jonathan Byers which will be a legendary Steve Harrington skin).

The survivor could be Claire Redfield, as yesterday Mathieu Cote said a sentence that says Claire in Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles (and Mathieu Cote never leaves anything to chance when it comes to clues, as the chapter's first clue on Resident Evil was in the 2020 year-end message that I pointed out to you in that article published 4 months ago), which is this:
"kill or be killed, your call!"

And, this sentence is spoken in Rockfort Island, maybe this will be the map of Chapter 20?

Furthermore, in the teaser, it is possible to hear the noise of zombies attacking a structure located in the center of the map, will there be a special event in collaboration with Capcom?

Days ago I told you about the new skins arriving on Dead by Daylight, these will be their prices:

Waterfront Massacre Collection
- "Breach Break" skin for Nea will cost 1080 auric cells or 21600 shards;
- "Impromptu Beach Photoshoot" skin for David will cost 1080 auric cells;
- "Sunburnt Snooze" for Dwight will cost 1080 auric cells or 21600 shards.

Crypt TV Collection:
- 'The Look-See' skin for the Doctor will cost 1485 auric cells or 29700 shards;
- 'The Mordeo' skin for the Huntress will cost 1485 auric cells;
- 'The Birch Witch' for the Hag will cost 1080 auric cells or 21600 shards.

Moment of Truth Collection:
- 'Impulsive Activist' skin for Nancy will cost 1080 auric cells;
- 'Jonathan Byers' skin for Steve will cost 1485 auric cells.

*Note: I remind you that all this is still in production and therefore everything can change until it is made official.

Are you excited about all this?

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