Dead by Daylight – Resident Evil Chapter Revealed: Nemesis, Jill Valentine & Leon Kennedy – Powers, Perks & Release Dates


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I anticipated it in the last article but I couldn't confirm it so I told you to take it as a grain of salt but now it's official, the Resident Evil Chapter will have 2 survivors and 1 killer, the nemesis!

Some Screens from the Reveal:

resident evil chapter leaksbydaylight dbd capcom
resident evil chapter leaksbydaylight dbd jill valentine leon kennedy capcom resident evil village

There will also be zombies on the map that will hinder the survivors. The Chapter will be released on June 15th.

The power of the killer allows zombies to spawn on the map that can infect survivors, injure them and even take them down. In addition, the killer will be able to use the tentacle to do the exact same things, that is, with the first hit he will infect the survivor, after which he can injure him and then knock him down. The power has 3 permanent tiers (so not like Myers where the third tyers has a cooldown), the second tiers allows you to destroy pallet and destructible walls with the tentacle, while the third tiers allows you to increase the range of the tentacle.

Jill has a perk that allows the creation of a mine that can be attached to a generator, and the moment the killer tries to hit the generator, the mine will explode causing stun. Leon instead has another perk that allows you to create a flashbang that can be throw at any time, as if it were a firecracker, and will stun the killer.

Are you excited about all this?

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