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Dead by Daylight – 5th Anniversary Livestream Summary: Year 6 Roadmap, 5th Anniversary Celebrations & More!

Year 6 will contain 4 new tomes released one for each mid-chapter patch, 4 killers, 5 survivors and 2 maps.

It will be possible to do games with bots to help new players, and the tutorial will also be redone.

The matchmaking will be improved by adding incentives to play the role that needs more players, and an auto-ban system will be introduced for players who have had excessive negative reports from other players during the game end screen.

Moreover, all the news as about Dead by Daylight they will be translated into multiple languages.

There will then be
visual updates for the old survivors, and a visual update also for the Trapper.

The core mechanics will be updated to keep the interest of both new players and old players high, and, moreover, any killer who will come released will undergo balancing patches revisions within 2-3 major updates of the release.

They then talked about a new type of perk to which the "Boon Totems" will be linked, which will introduce a new interaction when the survivors are close to one of them:

The mori will be revised, which will no longer be an offer but will be integrated into the gameplay, so that the killer will have to earn it within the match. The rework of the keys will be linked to it.

As for the pride month celebrations, there will be the #IntoTheRainbow social event to which a special charm will be added that will be released in-game, while for the 5th anniversary celebrations there will be an event that will start from July 1st and will end on July 15th in which it will be possible to obtain the crown skin for all the original characters of Dead by Daylight. Special items and cakes will also be back.

Finally, there will be new cosmetics for
David King and the Wraith and two new charms:

Also during the first week of the event players will be able to get enough Iridescent Shards to purchase a character in the store (although they won't play every day), and in addition, the Shrine of Secrets will rotate daily, and each perk will cost 500 shards in less.

What do you think about all this?

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