Dead by Daylight – A hint from the Game Director regarding the Resident Evil Chapter?


Did the Game Director of Dead by Daylight drop a clue regarding a new chapter on Resident Evil? Read More…

As mentioned in the previous article in which I told you about the new currencies leaked inside the game files, the Game Director of Dead by Daylight, greeting 2020 and wishing everyone a happy new year, used the term "impressive stars" in reference to what will happen on the fifth anniversary of the game.

The word "stars" is indeed emblematic, since in these cases it is the word "milestone" that is mostly used to talk about new content arriving in video games, while instead Mathieu Cote, Game Director of Dead by Daylight, used the word "stars", which is easily connected to the Resident Evil saga.

In Resident Evil the term STARS refers to The Special Tactics and Rescue Service (S.T.A.R.S.), that was an elite special forces division under the jurisdiction of the Raccoon Police Department.

After the arrival of the chapter on Silent Hill, many fans have been clamoring for a chapter also on Resident Evil, and this year the Nemesis on Dead by Daylight could actually arrive.

I also remind you that this year there will also be a TV series on Resident Evil, produced by Netflix and with which Behaviour Interactive has already made several collaborations including the Chapter on Stranger Things and the live-streaming event with Gaten Matarazzo (actor who plays one of the protagonists within Stranger Things).

What do you think about it? would you like a chapter on Resident Evil?

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