Behaviour Interactive X Capcom: Dead by Daylight Second Crossover with Resident Evil – Reveal Date of Project W with Albert Wesker, Ada Wong & Rebecca Chambers Leaked


Project W Reveal Soon. Read More…

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Before reading this article, if you do not know anything about all this, I recommend before reading the one in which I explain well what will arrive on Dead by Daylight in September with also the power of killer:

After talking about the new collaboration between Resident Evil and Dead by Daylight, Behaviour Interactive made it official shortly after, at the event to celebrate the sixth anniversary of the game:

And now, the official presentation has a date: August 16.

On August 16, the PTB will be released on PC to test the new chapter in collaboration with Resident Evil that will contain 2 survivors and 1 killer and will cost 11,99$ when will be released in September.

*Note: I remind you that all this is still under development and that everything can change until the official announcement, both the date of presentation and the contents of the chapter.

Are you excited about this new licensed crossover?

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