Dead by Daylight – Ringu Sadako Rising Chapter: The ONRYŌ Power Has Changed


Sadako Power has Changed. Read More…


The next chapter of Dead by Daylight: Sadako Rising will be released on March 8th.

And Sadako’s power has undergone some internal variations that will be activated in time for release:

"There are three aspects of The Onryō that we’re addressing for the Chapter’s launch: Her manifesting, her visibility, and her Condemned mechanic. Additionally, we've made a number of changes to address photosensitivity concerns."

The first of these changes involves speeding up The Onryō’s manifesting and demanifesting speeds.
- Decreased Manifest charge time to 1.5 seconds (was 2.5 seconds).
- Decreased Demanifest charge time to 1.5 seconds (was 2.5 seconds).
- Smoothened the movement speed transition when Manifesting.

Put simply, these changes not only make her feel better to play, but also make manifesting and demanifesting more practical in a chase.

"While The Onryō is demanifested, she is intermittently visible within a 32m range and Survivors hear a “lullaby” rather than the terror radius. On more open maps, however, it can be easy to spot her sporadically appearing as she approaches. With that in mind, we’ve made the following changes":
- Decreased max visible range while demanifested to 24m (was 32m)
- Decreased Terror Radius to 24m (was 32m)

While Survivors will still know when The Onryō is near, they won’t be able to spot her until she is much closer. These changes will make her harder to keep track of her on maps with larger sightlines.

"The Onryō’s Condemned mechanic allows her to instantly kill a Survivor when their meter is full. Survivors need to manage their Condemned meter, otherwise risk an early death. While Condemned kills aren’t meant to happen often, we felt this mechanic was a little under tuned for the PTB, so we’ve made the following changes":
- Decreased the amount of Condemned removed when inserting a tape to 3 segments (was 4 segments);
- Decreased time taken to passively gain a condemned segment while holding a tape to 25 seconds (was 30 seconds)
- Add-on: Yoichi’s Fishing Net: Decreases time taken to passively gain a condemned segment while holding a tape by 12% (was 20%).

"By making Condemned accumulate faster and making it harder to remove, our goal is not necessarily to make Condemned kills happen frequently, but rather make Condemned something that Survivors need to manage more closely. Lastly, we reduced the effect of the Yoichi’s Fishing Net add-on accordingly to match the change to the base time."

"Lastly, we’ve seen some photosensitivity concerns with The Onryō’s VFX. In some cases, particularly on darker maps, some of her visual effects can be jarring and hard on the eyes. With that in mind, we’ve made the following adjustments":
- Reduced the intensity of The Onryō’s attack VFX;
- Reduced the intensity of the Condemned VFX, both on the screen & on the Survivor Reduced the intensity of screen effects in the lobby;
- Improvements to The Onryō’s mini-mori transition.

These changes are purely visual and do not impact balance.

"Finally, we’ve adjusted Parent Guidance in time for the release."
- Decreased Parental Guidance’s duration to 5/6/7 seconds (was 8/9/10 seconds).

"This perk’s effects lasted a little longer than we’d like in the PTB, so we’ve toned it down slightly. This will still give Survivors a chance to break away after getting a stun, but with a more appropriate duration."

What do you think about all these changes?

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