Dead by Daylight Leaks – Sadako Rising Ringu Mid-Chapter 23.5: All Upcoming Cosmetics & Charms Leaked


All leaks about mid-chapter 23.5. Read More…

After the release of the Sadako Rising Chapter that will take place on March 8th, after a few weeks the Mid-Chapter 23.5 will be released with new skins:

In addition to the skins contained in that previous article, there will be others, including three new charms.

There will also be new Torso skins for:
- Jeff: It will cost 250 Auric Cells/4500 Shards
- The Legion: It will cost 440 Auric Cells
- Dwight: It will cost 400 Auric Cells/7200 Shards
- Nea: 250 Auric Cells/4500 Shards

All these torso skins will be released on March 24th.

In addition, Sadako’s legendary skin has now become an 'ultra rare' skin.

What do you think about Sadako Rising Chapter?

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