Dead by Daylight – Siren Head Chapter? the Horror Artist who created it would like it in the Behaviour Interactive game


Would you like to have Siren Head on Dead by Daylight? The horror artist who created it would want it in the Behaviour Interactive game. Read More…

Let's start from the beginning.

For those who do not know what Siren Head is, it is a hostile cryptid and urban legend created by the canadian horror artist Trevor Henderson and made public through this tweets in 2018:

The moment Siren Head went viral and its popularity peaked was last year when a TikTok user posted this video which was then shared and edited in various ways as well:

With the popularity achieved in 2020, the creator of Siren Head took the opportunity to delve into the story behind this monster:

Henderson has confirmed that Siren Head's sirens have the ability to release various sounds out of them, such as conversations, white noises and extremely loud sounds which can damage hearing.

He also said that this creature belongs to another world and that previously there were other sub-species of Siren Head, all of which are now deceased.

Interestingly enough, the only metallic piece of Siren Head are the sirens on its head. While its body is made out of organic veins, wizened old skin and wires, which are spiraled on its torso and neck.

- It is a very aggressive, monstrous and skilled predator, which makes it very dangerous. It seems to have some degree of intelligence due to using tactics such as camouflaging within forests and mimicking sounds like voices to hide from and lure its prey. Being the last of his kind he would do anything to survive.

- It is actually the static form of an unfathomable supernatural entity. Despite its lack of eyes, it can still see. It also has the ability to manipulate technology by playing sounds through other devices. It spends most of its time standing still, but it has the ability to move very fast. Victims of Siren Head have apparently been found with their eyes/ear drums/gums/sinuses burst and bleeding”.

- Weapons do not normally work on Siren Head, and it has almost never been spotted in populated areas.

- Despite the teeth in its speakers, Siren Head does not eat, and does not seem to acknowledge other animals and seems solely focused on humans.

Last year, the creator of Siren Head made two tweets in which he explicitly said that he would like to have his creature on Dead by Daylight, also giving an idea of what its power could be and also how big it could be:

At the moment we don't know if there have been any contacts between him and Behaviour Interactive, but in case there have been, the Siren Head Chapter should be one of the next chapters, as they work on 3 chapters at a time, and in the month in which the creator of Siren Head wrote these tweets, Behaviour Interactive was working on June, September and December Chapters.

This means that if there is indeed a Siren Head Chapter we can have it either as the last chapter to close the Year 4 of Dead by Daylight (so in the chapter of March 2021) or in one of the chapters of Year 5 (that will be released this year in June, September, December, and next year in March 2022)

Would you like a chapter on Siren Head?

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