Dead by Daylight – Slender Man/Candyman Chapter Audio Leaked?


Could the Slenderman Chapter be the next DLC of dbd?

I found a very particular audio file inside the Dead by Daylight files that reminded me Slender Man.


That audio doesn't it remind you of the static sound of when Slender Man approaches?

Listen (this is the Slender Man static audio, for compare it):

When I made a friend of mine listen to this audio file, he instead reminded him of the sound of a swarm of bees in motion, obviously referring to Candyman.

Slender Man has always been a character much wanted by the Dead by Daylight community, do you think the time has actually come to have it in play? Will Slender Man be the chapter that will replace Candyman's Chapter due to the postponement of the film? What do you think about it?

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