Dead by Daylight – Chapter 23 & Chapter 24 will be licensed? + The Conjuring Chapter: Ed, Lorraine Warren & The Nun will replace Stranger Things Chapter + Jeepers Creepers Reborn Chapter

The chapter of The Conjuring will be a great way to replace the Stranger Things chapter, which for those who do not know, will no longer be available for purchase soon, and the map can no longer be played in matches.

The Conjuring is a great way to replace Stranger Things because at the 'content level' they are identical:
- Chapter on license (Stranger Things) replaced by another chapter on license (The Conjuring);
- Two licensed survivors (Steve & Nancy) replaced by two other licensed survivors (Ed & Lorraine);
- Licensed map replaced by another licensed map
- Chapter price equal for both ($11.99), so no money is lost by Behaviour since with 2 survivors the price will be the same as the DLC of Stranger Things.

Moreover, for three consecutive years Behaviour has released a licensed chapter to celebrate the anniversary in June, so if The Conjuring Chapter is in March (chapter 23), it means that they could still have another license for June, otherwise it would make no sense to release a licensed chapter in March and not in June to celebrate the anniversary as it has been for three years. Unless the one who shared these leaks was wrong and actually The Conjuring chapter is actually for Chapter 24 and not 23. It wouldn’t make much sense to 'waste' a license for March and then release an original chapter in June instead of doing the opposite.

What do you think about that?

In addition to The Conjuring Chapter, next year could also come another license, that of Jeepers Creepers.

When I published that article, many people pointed out that Behaviour said that he never wanted to collaborate with that license because of the bad reputation of director Victor Salva who holds the rights, so it is better to specify one thing: in the new Jeepers Creepers Reborn, Victor Salva is not involved because ScreenMedia has acquired the rights to the Saga.

So since Behaviour no longer have to collaborate with him, it is very likely that there will be a collaboration between ScreenMedia and Behaviour Interactive to bring Jeepers Creepers in the roaster of Dead by Daylight.

What do you think about it?

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