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Dead by Daylight – The Evil Within & Hellraiser could be the next two licenses on the way

The next two licenses coming to Dead by Daylight could be
The Evil Within and Hellraiser.


The Behaviour Interactive CMO David Reid said they are in constant contact with several companies, and, along with Dave Richard, Creative Director of Dead by Daylight, have indicated Japanese horror properties as the genre they would like to see more in the game:

"At this point in Dead by Daylight history, we've seen a lot of different franchises and genres explored. We're always on the lookout for others to join the hall of fame our game has become, we just need to make sure it's the right one because quantity is limited. Every year we can only create so much content."

This statement is also confirmed by the last two licensed chapters released, both of Japanese licenses: Silent Hill and Resident Evil.

After these two licenses, the third Japanese horror license that could coming on Dead by Daylight is The Evil Within:

- It's a game created by the creator of Resident Evil, Shinji Mikami, so the link is pretty direct, after the licensed chapter on Resident Evil, it would make sense to contact the creator of that saga to collaborate with his new game: The Evil Within.

- It is a game(s) whose chapter has long been requested by the Dead by Daylight community, fanmade concept of what a chapter could be like on The Evil Within is often shared, and the collaborations that Behaviour Interactive does with other companies are always done keeping in mind how much interest there could be in that particular license, in fact the chapters on Silent Hill and Resident Evil were made after the community requested them in a loud voice, and in addition, in April 2021 a survey was carried out to see which licenses the community would like to see on Dead by Daylight, and The Evil Within was among the licenses, and besides Resident Evil, it was the only other Japanese horror game on the list, so it means that after Silent Hill and Resident Evil, the other Japanese horror game property Behaviour is interested in collaborating on is The Evil Within.

Also because in addition to Silent Hill, Resident Evil and The Evil Within there are no others, there would be just Fatal Frame but it is an excessively old game that does not have the same marketing appeal as The Evil Within which is instead a very more recent, so it would not make sense to do a collaboration (as confirmed by the list of games in the survey created by Behaviour, in which Fatal Frame was not present).

Would you like The Evil Within on Dead by Daylight? Meanwhile, I leave you the links to read two fanmade concepts made by users on this chapter:


Hellraiser could be the second new license coming to Dead by Daylight.

Moreover, he is a big fan of the Saga, he often repeated it to some interviews, saying he'd like to see Pinhead on Dead by Daylight someday.

He is probably just waiting for the right time to make the collaboration happen, and the right time could be next year, 2022.

This is because, it was news a few days ago, thanks to Bloody Disgusting, that Hulu, a streaming service like Netflix, owned by Disney, acquired the rights to distribute Hellraiser's new reboot film, produced by Spyglass Media and directed by David Bruckner. After the collaboration with Netflix for the Stranger Things Chapter, a collaboration could therefore also take place with Hulu, for the Hellraiser Chapter.

In addition, a TV series about Hellraiser is also in development, to be produced and distributed by HBO, which will include Clive Barker as executive producer (the creator of the Hellraiser saga), while David Gordon Green will direct the TV series (he is the director of Halloween 2018, Halloween Kills 2021, and Halloween Ends 2022).

Next year could therefore be the year of Hellraiser's return, with the release of the TV series and the release of the new reboot film. And as it happened this year with Resident Evil Chapter, why not take advantage of it and do a collaboration for Dead by Daylight? Just a few days ago Mathieu Cote, said that Dead by Daylight has entered the Horror Hall of Fame, and last year he said that it is not only Behaviour to contact companies to collaborate, but there are also companies that contact Behaviour directly to want to join of the Dead by Daylight roaster to advertise their product, so on a commercial level it would make sense to do a collaboration with Hellraiser as there will be new contents (movie/TV series) coming soon.

Would you like a chapter on Hellraiser?

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  1. How can you mention fatal frame and not the amazingly potential that would be a Scissorman killer from the Clock Tower series and Jennifer Connelly as a survivor?! Granted the movie went from development hell to dropping off the face of the planet in 2013 and there hasn’t been a game release since the early 2000s, I would kill to see a Clock Tower chapter.

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