Dead by Daylight – Tome V Characters LEAKED + Info reminder about Tome IV!


New leaks about Tome V! Read More…

There are new leaks regarding the new tome coming to Dead by Daylight, the Tome 5.

Weeks ago I showed you the the
Tome V Rift Rewards, and from those rewards, some of you had already been able to speculate on which characters the fifth tome would be centered around. And I must say that some of you have even managed to guess them. In fact, Tome V will focus on Hillbilly, Nea Karlsson, The Blight and, as I had already anticipated, the Halloween event will also be connected to this tome in some way:

*Note: I remind you that Tome V is still under development and therefore everything can still change until it is officially released.

Also I remind you that the Rift for Tome IV will close on October 7th:

• September 30 - RIFT CLOSES IN 1 WEEK
The Rift for Tome IV will close on October 7th! For those without a Rift Pass
this will be the last chance to unlock it and claim any rewards you've earned on the Premium track. Once the Rift closes the below will come into effect: Challenges, Entries and Bloodpoints from Tome IV will remain available permanently after this date but no longer award Rift Fragments. Once the next Tome begins, Tome IV will be available in the Compendium section. Player Level XP will stop awarding Rift Fragments. Unclaimed rewards from the Rift will be automatically claimed on your next launch of the game or tally screen whichever comes first. Stay tuned for Tome V to arrive with Mid-Chapter 17.5!

The Rift closes in less than 24h! Today is your last chance to get Tome IV rewards.

What do you think of the characters chosen for Tome V?

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