Dead by Daylight Leaks – Tournament Mode Leaked + Nurse/Clown Comparisons about Old and New Models & How the next Stranger Things Skins will probably look


News about a tournament mode leaked, nurse and clown comparison about new textures and models, and how will probably look the upcoming new stranger things skins. Read More…

In the new Mid-Chapter Patch of Dead by Daylight, the v4.5.0, the Nurse and the Clown received a graphic improvement, specifically the model, the textures and the VFX on 4 outfits were updated to the Nurse, while the model and the textures of her basic outfit were updated to the Clown, look the comparison:

CLOWN IN v4.4.2




Also with regard to the Mid-Chapter Patch v4.5.0, new outfits will coming for Steve Harrington, Nancy Wheeler and the Demogorgon.Those of Steve and Nancy, also reading their names and descriptions, will probably be inspired by these:

Finally, we found strings within the game files that refer to a specific mode for tournaments, with certain rules and also with the possibility of connecting your twitch account to Dead by Daylight.

These codes, added to the codes found last year regarding the AI BOTs that replace the disconnected players, the 16-player mode in a lobby with 2 spectators, the possibility to split the screen into 4 and with the voice chat in push-to-talk, is probably everything connected to something that will be announced in the anniversary livestream, that is a mode for tournaments:

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