Dead by Daylight – Two licenses in a row or two separate licenses for Chapter 16?


Chapter 16 may have two independent licenses. Read More…

The Chapter 16 of Dead by Daylight could have two separate licenses, therefore essentially two paragraphs, or we are getting two licenses in a row.

Thanks to Masusder, we discovered that two pages have been added to the Steam database, instead of one.

For the uninitiated, developers on Steam add their content pages in advance, and then unlock them at the appropriate time. This time, however, as mentioned earlier, there are two added pages.
This thing happened only once and both pages covered two licensed content: Leatherface and Freddy Krueger DLC, their pages were in fact created in the same instant, and they were two DLC released about a month and a half apart from each other.

So this may mean three things:
Either the next chapter will contain two licenses instead of one;
• After the June chapter there will be a paragraph in July with a new license;
• They have already made the page for the licensed chapter of September.

If you remember, regarding the survivor of chapter 16, Behaviour said that it is "mysterious", perhaps it is a clue about the fact that the survivor of the next chapter is not directly connected to the killer and therefore there will be two different licenses in the same chapter?

Remember that Mathieu Cote's tweet in Tony Hawk's profile last year? and if, with the announcement of the new game coming this year, will Tony Hawk actually arrive on Dead by Daylight?

This is the screen of the two new pages added simultaneously to the Steam database:

What do you think about it?

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