Dead by Daylight Leaks – v4.6.0 Upcoming Collections Leaked + Info about Chapter 19: Collaborations with Kpop Artist & Producer + The Trickster Music


Leaks about upcoming cosmetics on Dead by Daylight. Read More…

These are the leaked info about the upcoming skins coming in the coming weeks:

• Elodie Rakoto Skin
- Name: Seoul Queen
- Description: Before meeting with a lucrative collector in Seoul's most luxurious districts, she decides to get the royal treatment. She visits Apgujeong Rodeo Street for a day of self-care.
- Collection: Seoul Sights

• Feng Min Skin
- Name: Seoul Gamer
- Description: She took the opportunity to catch up with a few expert players she knew from previous competitions. After grabbing lunch together, they headed to a PC bang to play a few casual MMORPG matches.
- Collection: Seoul Sights

• Adam Francis Skin
- Name: Seoul Spectator
- Description: He organized a school trip to Seoul to motivate his students to study hard throughout the year.
- Collection: Seoul Sights

• Dwight Fairfield Skin
- Name: Lost in Transition
- Description: Dwight quickly got lost in Seoul. Yet he remained too stubborn to ask for directions.
- Collection: Seoul Sights

• Felix Richter Skin
- Name: Seoul Wanderer
- Description: Felix explored the city to admire the striking contemporary architecture that makes Seoul so unique.
- Collection: Seoul Sights

• Yun Jin Skin
- Name: Seoul Socialite
- Description: Attends the most elite parties of socialite at the heart of the city, not far from her freshly obtained penthouse residence.
- Collection: Seoul Sights

• Clown Skin
- Name: Eggs-Uberant
- Description: It was the time of the year when families were starved for activies and delivered their children to any street performer vaguely fitting the effervescence of Spring.
- Collection: Spring Ensemble

• Trickster Skin
- Name: Cut Thru U Performance
- Description: The outfit of the opening song during the Trickster's World Tour, which involves a theatrical play of lights and elaborate choreography.
- Collection: Seoul Sights

What do you think of the chapter 19 released in PTB?

Meanwhile, I have a couple of information for you about it:
The chapter name will be "All-Kill", and it is in collaboration with Kevin Woo from the K-Pop band U-KISS and DJ Swivel, a Grammy-Award winning, Canadian music producer who has worked with groups like BTS.

The Trickster Music:

What do you think about it?

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