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Rumors of a possible Dead by Daylight chapter in collaboration with Vecna from Dungeons&Dragons or Stranger Things have been chasing each other for weeks, but let's go in order.

Stranger Things has become the most talked about license by fans of Dead by Daylight, and for quite right reasons.

The collaboration between Netflix and Behaviour Interactive in 2019 caused a sensation, especially because it was the first collaboration with Netflix and so with a TV series, which is one of the most popular at the time. Not only that, because the collaboration with Stranger Things made happen in Dead by Daylight also a second novelty: it was in fact the first chapter to have two survivors, instead of one, this led to a higher cost of DLC.

The presentation of the collaboration was also made in new ways by Behaviour Interactive, with a live stream on Twitch called '¿?' that already implied enough what would be presented (with the question points put in that way to imply the upside down of Stranger Things), and with the livestream that after the countdown started presenting the trailer directly, with the characters and the release date.

And all this was accompanied in the previous months by rumors and speculations that already anticipated the imminent collaboration, with also a video made by me published three months before the reveal of the collaboration containing these rumors + the intro of stranger things modified in honor of the upcoming collaboration with Dead by Daylight:

And when it was announced the community was delighted, in fact, as mentioned before, came three new characters instead of two, and the map was full of details and easter eggs taken from the seasons of the TV series that drove fans crazy:

As you well know, however, in 2021 this collaboration was suddenly closed:

All this was greeted with regret by fans who through the socials have tried to make it clear to the two companies that in reality would like the return of Stranger Things within Dead by Daylight, especially because thanks to the last season of the TV series, it also opened up new possibilities for new killers to be brought into the game, such as Vecna, in addition to Demogorgon, or new survivors like Eddie and Robin.

But a new chapter actually seems to happen behind the scenes, because of a leak a few months ago that showed the new Stranger Things map:

And about those leaks there are news, in fact inside the new map there will be the 'Eleven Room', and there will also be the 'Rainbow Room' that we see within the last season of the TV series:

This was discovered thanks to the names with which the different new rooms of the new map were called, namely 'Rainbow Room' and 'Eleven Room'.

Now that Stranger Things has finally returned to Dead by Daylight, it may be that a chapter 2 is indeed on the way as happened with Resident Evil before, to bring new characters, new killers like Vecna and a new map variant with Eleven's Rainbow Room into the game.

And a recent rumor seems to confirm the fact that Vecna is indeed coming to Dead by Daylight, however, apparently the original Dungeons & Dragons version and not the Stranger Things version will be brought into the game.

The rumor comes from an old comment by a user in which he named the characters coming within Dead by Daylight, with also the order of release, thus including Chucky and Alan Wake:
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It could be of course that he guessed, but it is quite unbelievable that he was also able to guess that after chucky there would actually be Alan Wake, especially since Dead by Daylight has never collaborated with other video games to bring a single survivor within a chapter, the one with Alan Wake was the first time, furthermore, the last time it happened of the release of a killer without a survivor (Pinhead) was actually followed by a chapter with only the survivor, which in that case was original, that's why it was pretty much a foregone conclusion that the survivor would be original this time as well, and instead he managed to 'guess' that not only would it be licensed, but he also guessed precisely who it would be.

And after that the March Chapter 31 has finally been unveiled, we can say that his assumptions were also correct, with a killer who is indeed similar to the legion due to the fact that there are multiple people within it which is also evidenced by the fact that the new killer, The Unknown, has both a male and a female voice. Also about the survivor he was right since in another comment he had mentioned just a gothic girl:

And that then in June, at the anniversary of Dead by Daylight there will be Vecna but the one from the original version of DnD and not the one from Stranger Things, although here actually there might be some doubts, because now that Netflix has actually collaborated again with Dead by Daylight, it could be that that Vecna chapter planned for June (I remind you that Behaviour Interactive works on three chapters at the same time) will actually become in collaboration with Netflix and thus using the aesthetics of the Vecna from the TV series, or simply the latter might be added in the future as a legendary skin.

And a few weeks ago the rumors became even more persistent because a new Dungeon&Dragons expansion was announced regarding Vecna itself and with the release scheduled right around the time that there will be PTB of Dead by Daylight for the June anniversary chapter:

The release of this 'next big adventure' is scheduled for May 21, and it may be just related to the Vecna chapter coming to Dead by Daylight, right around the anniversary livestream that happens on May 14 with the release then of the PTB.

So the rumors of a possible collaboration between DnD and Dead by Daylight were growing stronger every day plus with Chapter 31 a new type of perk, 'evocations,' was introduced, which really seems to connect well to a possible chapter with D&D.

Finally, after I had anticipated it in February through a teaser indicating June (J) as vecna's release month:

A trailer for the new expansion has been unveiled, which also shows the Vecna design:

And days ago Dead by Daylight chapter 32 was finally unveiled with a teaser on socials:

So as that user anticipated, this other anticipation also turned out to be correct, and we are therefore getting a collaboration between Dead by Daylight and Dungeons & Dragons, which at this point will be followed by a collaboration with Castlevania that will bring Dracula within the game in September:

Regarding the collaboration with Dungeons & Dragons, new details were given in the anniversary livestream including also the annuncement of cross-progression, roadmap of content coming in the next 12 months,the reveal for a new game mode 2v8 with system class, cages and with the five original killers, and also a new game:
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