Dead by Daylight – Dedicated Server on Xbox, New Collection & Mobile Game Released!


Other week, other news. Read More…


This week there are some news regarding Dead by Daylight.
Let's go see them together!

Dedicated Server on Xbox One

As you well remember, some time ago the dedicated servers on Xbox One were disabled. After a couple of weeks they are enabled again. No update is required. And regarding the penalties on disconnections, they are still deactivated but will be activated soon.

New Collection: this week is the turn of Jane & The Wraith!

The Jane's Fashion Icon outfit and the Wraith's Wetland Wrecker outfit, this is the name of this new new skins for Jane and the Wraith, are available through the in-game store. Below you can see the banner dedicated to them and their models:

Dead by Daylight Mobile Release!

The mobile version of Dead by Daylight has been officially released for free for everyone! What are you waiting for? Run to try it!

Dead by Daylight mobile also includes some licensed content, including: Michael Myers, The Pig, Ghost Face and the Demogorgon.

And thanks to the achievement of 1 million pre-registrations, the whole community, both PC and Console, will receive an exclusive charm that will be distributed to everyone with the mid-chapter patch, the Unlimited Entity-Wide Charm:

What do you think of these news? Which one are you most happy with?

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