Epic Games X Behaviour Interactive: Fortnite will make a Collaboration Crossover with Dead by Daylight soon


Fortnite X Dead by Daylight. Read More…

We know how important are the surveys that video game companies make to communities, in fact allow to have a feedback of the product and also their ambitions in terms of collaborations with other products.

Dead by Daylight for example organized the last crossovers thanks to a survey made a few years ago, in which he asked the community explicitly with which product they would want a collaboration, among the many names there were also various Silent Hill, Resident Evil, The Ring and Attack on Titan, all collaborations that have actually arrived:

Today, however, we are talking about a survey created by another video games company, which specifically mentions dead by daylight as a collaboration option.

Epic Games, owner of Fortnite, prompted a survey a few days ago where you could express your preference for a product to collaborate with, and also in the case of Fortnite, many times it happened that in these surveys there were products with which then were actually made collaborations, this time between the options there was also Dead by Daylight.

With the second collaboration with Resident Evil, the return of Stranger Things on the game with Vecna:

and the 50 million users reached a few months ago:

The collaboration with Fortnite would push even more the public to know and experience Dead by Daylight.

It’s coming in fact this crossover that will bring Meg Thomas on Fortnite and a charm of supply llama on Dead by Daylight.

Are you excited about it?

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