FOREWARNED – The Evolution of Phasmophobia

Did you like Phasmophobia? then Forewarned you will like it even more.

It was September 10, 2021 when the guys at Dreambyte Games released Forewarned, a 1-4 player co-operative game inspired by phasmophobia, but making it much more complete and fun. Forget the simple walk in an abandoned house to understand what type of ghost there is inside, in Forewarned we are in Egypt with the task of discovering the type of evil spirit to guard the crypt, evil spirit called: Mejai.

The Story:
"Having long studied the ancient Egyptian tradition, you are intrigued by the recent reports of structures appearing in the Sahara Desert through new satellite images. The places seem familiar to you on a map, as they correspond to the burial places of the elite Mejai, powerful warriors blessed by an unnaturally long life by the high priest Akar in order to protect the pharaoh. However, a blessing in life can be a curse in death... Ancient texts mention that these warriors went mad beyond the limits of mortality, bringing death and ruin to those around them. To stop them, the legend tells of a group of brave Egyptians who lured each Mejai into separate graves using priceless relics, and then trapped them inside forever... Although this story may be a myth, you feel compelled to investigate, as the historical and monetary value of such a discovery would be beyond your wildest dreams. But beware: if the legends are true, the Mejai have been sulking in anger all this time, eagerly desiring to ravage humanity as revenge for their imprisonment."

The basics are those of Phasmophobia, choose the equipment, and you will have a series of goals to cover during the game, but after a few minutes you realize that phasmophobia has only the inspiration, and now I will explain why.

In Forewarned the road that separates you from discovering the type of Mejai in the crypt is littered with traps and creatures (such as mummies) that will do anything to scare and kill you.

Beware then, the crypts of Forewarned are not the place to joke, a ball of stone that chases you could be right there, around the corner..

And this isn’t over.

How would you feel if the crypt traps and the monsters inside were to be joined by your dead friends to frighten you?

Yeah, that’s exactly right. In Forewarned if your friend dies, you may decide to return in the form of a hostile creature to hunt down those still alive, and yes, there is also voice chat.. and support for VR.. not recommended for the faint of heart, I warned you..

"Gather your team of archaeologists and treasure hunters in this cooperative thriller and discover the truth behind the legend. Play alone, with a group of friends or find a public game online. Take advantage of all the tools at your disposal to navigate through the ancient Egyptian ruins and survive the dangers inside. Alternatively, you can choose to provide information to your teammates from outside the ruins in the safety of your excavation tent, using tools such as the radar system or the array of motion sensors to detect activity.

The main goal of the game is to search the ruins for every relic used to attract and trap the cursed Mejai many millennia ago. As you walk through the tombs, observe the phenomena around you to identify the Mejai while it is in its spiritual form before it takes on its physical form. Each game, or round, will include a main relic to be collected, as well as numerous archaeological tasks to be completed and booty to be collected in the form of gold, traditions and rare artifacts. You and your team will have to decide how to complete these challenges. Divide to cover more ground or stay in a group to increase survival. Get in and out, or let curiosity get the best of you and explore each path to reveal the mysteries and traditions of the Mejai. Give in to greed and linger in darkness to find treasures of unparalleled value, or be content to leave with your life. Be tired of whatever choice you make, as you and your team will soon discover that you are not alone under the cursed sands...

Procedurally generated levels and random AI to ensure that there are never two matches equal and that you will always have a unique experience.

Meet different Mejai, each with unique features and abilities Use your selection of archaeological equipment to increase your chances of survival.

- Crossplay PC and VR supported
Play in PC mode or play in VR mode for more immersion with tactile feedback.

- Positional voice chat
Create strategies with your teammates with in-game voice chat.

- Collection system for booty
Use the collected loot to upgrade your equipment and buy more powerful tools.

- Embrace the Curse of the Mejai
When you die, you’ll have a chance to return as a Mejai servant. Will you maintain a semblance of yourself and help the remaining survivors, or will you show loyalty to your new master?"

The game is currently in Early Access and costs $12.99.

Will you buy it?

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