Friday the 13th can collaborate with Dead by Daylight through Boss Protocol NFT + Crossover with For Honor officially announced + Scream collaborates with Call of Duty

Last week the Dead by Daylight community started to alarm about the Hellraiser chapter done in collaboration with an NFT distributor.

Initially the community thought it was a scam, and that 'Boss Protocol' was actually something fake, but the same Behaviour Interactive thought to dispel all doubts with an official communiqué on socials, confirming that they have actually collaborated with them for the Hellraiser Chapter:

Obviously the community did not take it well also invoking the possibility of reimbursement as most users do not want to support the NFT, and also because there was not immediate clarity of this collaboration, but was only revealed after several weeks from the actual release of the content.

They also went into "mostly negative" DLC rating on Steam, precisely because of the confirmation of the NFT.

And even McLean, Former Gameplay Programmer of Dead by Daylight, expressed himself on the matter by saying:
"I am strongly opposed to the spread of NFTs and extremely disappointed to see the game that I love associated with them. For those wondering, I just found out about this. It had no impact on deciding to work on a new game."

But, speaking of Boss Protocol, there is one important thing to take into account, in their website in fact they talk about having collaborated with several licenses, including Hellraiser (which has arrived on Dead by Daylight) but also Friday the 13th:

The collaboration with Boss Protocol allowed Behaviour to do a chapter on Hellraiser without having to wait for the rights to actually return to the original owner (it will happen on December 19 of this year).

Could the same happen with Friday the 13th, then?

If Boss Protocol claims to have collaborated with Friday the 13th it means that there is probably a way to bring it on Dead by Daylight exploiting the NFT.

What do you think about it?

Meanwhile I inform you that the collaboration that Dead by Daylight will do with For Honor I was telling you about last week, has been officially announced:

Finally, I don’t know if you knew but Scream collaborated with Activision to bring Ghostface in Call of Duty as a playable character along with the Halloween event that will start today:

What do you think of all this? Will you play the Halloween event of Call of Duty? are you happy with the collaboration between Dead by Daylight and For Honor? would you like if Behaviour Interactive could collaborate with the Friday the 13th license?

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