Friday the 13th & Predator Hunting Grounds Devs are working on a Ghostbusters Game


Illfonic working on a Ghostbusters licensed game! Read More…

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I told you months ago that the developers of Friday the 13th were working on another licensed game, today the
co-founder of the company, Raphael Saadiq, revealed in a recent podcast they are working on a Ghostbusters game:

"Friday the 13th was the last one, and then Predator (Hunting Grounds). We’re working on Ghostbusters right now, and Arcadegeddon is out right now."

With a new movie coming to theaters on November 19, and with a new game in development, Sony's intentions to revitalize the Ghostbusters license seem clear. It would not be strange in fact that this new game will be exclusive to Playstation, since the IP is owned by Sony.

Are you interested in a new Ghostbusters game? knowing the recent past of Illfonic, it could be a new multiplayer, would you buy it?

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