Friday the 13th – Victor Miller has won the copyright termination appeal: the chapter on Dead by Daylight is closer?


Friday the 13th chapter is closer? Read More…

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The license for Friday the 13th has been on hiatus for years due to a lawsuit between the screenwriter of the first film, Victor Miller, and Sean Cunningham, the director.

Thanks to the Hollywood Reporter's Eriq Gardner, there is news of an update on the lawsuit. Victor Miller in fact won the copyright termination appeal. The court of appeal of the second circuit confirmed the previous order of the District Court: "Miller was an independent contractor when he wrote the script and is therefore the owner of the paternity rights.".

Eriq also says: "Barring any reversal before a fuller panel at the 2nd Circuit or Supreme Court, Victor Miller will reclaim the domestic rights to the franchise. A big win for attorney Marc Toberoff as he heads into an even bigger fight against Disney over Marvel characters."

This is not to say that Miller now has full freedom to exploit the franchise as he wants, it still takes time for all this to end, but it is a huge step towards the end of this lawsuit.

Would you like a licensed Dead by Daylight chapter on Friday the 13th?

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