It was October 2, 2021 when I anticipated that Illfonic, the developers behind Friday the 13th and Predator Hunting Grounds were working on a licensed Ghostbusters game:

And today it was officially announced, with the collaboration of some actors who will give voice to the original characters: Winston Zeddemore played by Ernie Hudson and Ray Stantz, voiced by Dan Aykroyd.

There will be the cross-platform between all platforms (so you can play with your friends no matter what platform you’re playing the game on, for example one on PC can play with one on PS5) and the possibility to complete the game lobby withbots managed by artificial intelligence.

It should be released during 2022 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One e Xbox Series X|S.

"Ghostbusters is one of the most popular IPs in the world, so we’ve done our utmost to create a special product that is accessible to all fans," said Charles Brungardt, CEO of IllFonic. "If you’re a fan of movies or asymmetrical multiplayer video games, this is the game for you."


What do you think about it?