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Gun Media working with Kane Hodder on a New Licensed Horror Game: Halloween The Game Confirmed?

After being Publisher of Friday the 13th: The Game, Gun Media is working on a new project based on another horror icon.

The confirmation comes from the co-creator of Friday The 13: The Game and CEO of Gun Media, who on Twitter shared some photos from the studios where the Motion Capture of the character is taking place, also confirming that they are works for a new project:

The one who is doing the motion capture for this new game is Kane Hodder, the actor who has already done the motion capture for Friday the 13th: The Game, and has also played several roles in the horror films including Jason Voorhees in five films.

And it is from him that we learn that the project for which he is performing the motion capture is a horror franchise:

Among the most likely licenses that Gun Media and Kane Hodder are working on there is certainly that of Halloween.

The franchise has regained a lot of popularity thanks to the 2018 film which will have two sequels including one coming this year, so it would be the perfect time to ride the wave of enthusiasm and also release a game about Michael Myers to coincide with the trilogy of films in production.

When you develop a licensed game, you need to make sure that the license you are working on is iconic enough to sell the product, and Jason Voorhees license it's excluded because he already have his game, also Predator's license for the same reason, also that of Evil Dead because this year his game will be released, and also that of Alien because he too has his own game already in development.

So it is very likely that the license they are working on is that of Michael Myers to also take advantage of the popularity it will have in the coming years thanks to the next two films.

Also, in January 2019 Wes Keltner made a strange tweet in which he tagged Blumhouse (the company that owns the rights to the Halloween franchise), Jason Blum (founder of Blumhouse), and Ryan Turek (co-producer of Halloween 2018, Halloween Kills (will be released this year) and Halloween Ends (due out next year)). There was also a reply from Ryan Turek, which was then followed by a further tweet from Wes Keltner where he talked about the "growing of a new project":

What do you think about it? would you like a game on Michael Myers?

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