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Last year, precisely on August 1st, a new Horror Multiplayer was released in early access: Hide or Die.

It did not go very well in terms of users numbers, in fact, after a couple of weeks, they went down dramatically causing the game to die completely. After that, the developers said that they started working on a new version of the game better than the current one.

And today we are here with all the details of Hide or Die v1.0.


The facial animations of the characters have been completely redone, as well as their skins. There is also a complete personalization of the character for the face, for the skin tone, a new clothing system, a new expression system, improvement of the shading of the skin and hair, different body types, and there will also be the randomize button to create characters with random aesthetics.


There will be many new skin thanks to a flexible clothing pipeline set up that it lets us easily change materials, colors, and styles across a wide variety of clothing options, and these skins can be unlocked in two different ways, both completely free:

• County Card
• Cosmetic Crate

The County Card is practically a Season Pass, which however has a difference compared to the other season passes of the other games: this will be completely free. As you complete the games, you will progress through the various levels of this Season Pass.

The new killers can also be unlocked through this Season Pass, but at the end of each Season, the killers will be unlocked for everyone. So don't worry, everyone will always have the same contents.

Each season there will be a new killer, new maps and new skins.

All the contents that will be on the County Card can only be obtained in this way.

While the Cosmetic Crates will be obtained by leveling up your character and have three different rarities: common, rare and legendary and they will guarantee you 1, 2 and 3 cosmetics respectively.

At level 2 you will get a common crates, at level 5 and at level 15 you will get a rare crates, at level 10 and at level 20 you will get a legendary crates. In this way you will get a total of 5 crates per character.

The maximum level of the characters is set at 20, in the future there will also be a system that will allow you the prestige of the character.

In addition to survivor clothing you can unlock also Nametags, Graffiti Sprays (about this, there will be also a "decay" effect during the match), 3D Object Sprays, and Hunter Skins.


One of Hide or Die's problems was definitely having two modes that required too many players, inevitably lengthening matchmaking and decreasing the chances of meeting the killer. In this new version of the game, the mode will be one, and it will be a 3v1. This will allow for much shorter matchmaking, and much more frequent encounters with the killer.

The survivors will have to feed the tower through the darkness extractors which will then allow you to open 2 (of 3 total) hatches and escape. The killer will obviously have to prevent this.

With the future seasons, the Last Man Standing mode with 16 players will return, and they also evaluating other limited time modes such as 6v2 Extraction.

The old maps have been completely revisited, at launch there will be 3, and their names are: Overpass, Carnival and Slaugtherhouse.


With this new version of Hide or Die, there will be as many as 5 different movement states for the survivor: prone, crouching, walking, sprinting, and super sprinting, and if you are doing a sprint or a super sprint, you can also make a slide to quickly enter a hiding place.

Obviously is not recommended run continuously: the killer may hear you.

The sprint of survivors has no limits of use, but it will be slower than the sprint of the killer, this is where Super Sprint comes into play, allowing you to escape the killer very quickly, but it consumes stamina, so be careful on how and when you decide to use it!

In addition to the super sprint, to help you escape the killer there will be scaffolding, which will allow you to slide through it.The killer can break them, but don't worry, the survivors will also be able to repair them!

Also, when a survivor dies, you will be able to save him.
Whenever a survivor is killed by the killer, he will go to a coffin and the survivors will be notified of his position to save him, but be careful, the killer will also be notified of his position. While in the coffin, you will be able to see other survivors through spectator mode.

In the screen above you can also notice the new health system. It starts with 8 health ticks, the killer can inflict you from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 4 damage ticks, and every time you die, 2 ticks will be removed and they will turn black. The ticks that are red instead are the damage that player has suffered, so for example, with 8 white ticks, when they become all 8 red it will mean that you will be dead and that you will go to the coffin. The 2 ticks that will turn black once you are dead, you can restore them if you find painkillers around the map. Also the damaged ticks (the red ones) can also be restored if you find a medical kit (or if you take it with you).

To complete a game as a survivor you will have to find the extractors. After finding it you will have to activate it through an electrical panel located behind the extractor by converting all the red switches to green and then the extraction of darkness will begin. In the surroundings of the extractor you can find petrol cans that if launched in the extractor area will increase the extraction time, and the more survivors will be in the extraction area and more darkness will be extracted.

To find survivors, the killer can use the dark sight, this shows their last know area:


The progression system has been completely revised and now includes three different categories: Perks, Augments (smaller tweaks to specific actions, playstyles, or effects), and Items.

At launch there will be 9 unique perks per character, 18 unique augments for the survivors and 18 for the killers (10 shared among all the killers and 8 unique for each killer).

All this can be unlocked through the Dark Path: choose the endpoint you prefer based on the rarity and start unlocking what you want, but be careful, you will not be able to unlock all the contents of the Dark Path, each level has a maximum requirement that you will see on the right which will be used to increase the level, the requirements will increase level by level and therefore also the size of the Dark Path and so also the things that you can unlock inside.

Perks, Augments and Items will all come together in one place: your A/S/M score (Awareness, Strength, Mobility), which will help you understand in which direction your character is going and what style of play you are adopting.

Depending on how many points you have on one A/S/M attribute rather than another, you will also receive additional bonuses.

The three A/S/M attributes are connected to a triangle, and inside of this triangle, there is a smaller yellow triangle. In short, based on your A/S/M score, if you pass that yellow triangle in any of the three directions, that specific attribute will receive a bonus, which will be further improved if that attribute reaches the red triangle.

For example, in the image below you can see a loadout focused almost totally on mobility.

Hide Or Die will fully launch out of early access on Steam on May 1st at 1pm EST / 7pm CET with a launch discount for $14.99.

And at launch there will also be a new killer: The Krampus.

If you want to know more also with various clips on all the new features, you can do it here: https://www.vecfour.digital/post/hide-or-die-the-launch

What do you think of all these changes that will arrive on Hide or Die for the full release? Will you buy it?

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