Hideo Kojima – New Info from an Interview about the New Cloud Game with XBOX & another AAA Game in Development, Overdose with Margaret Qualley? + Silent Hill New Games in Development Confirmed


New Info about Kojima Cloud Game & Silent Hill Games. Read More…

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The director of Silent Hill’s first film, Christophe Gans, confirmed that new games are being developed to revive the franchise, and konami would have been convinced by the sales generated by the remake of Resident Evil 2.

Gans is working on a new film that he has already confirmed he wrote the script for, and, in an interview with JEUXACTU, he says that his new film on Silent Hill will be part of something bigger, or the global relaunch of the Silent Hill IP with new games and also the new film:
"The Silent Hill franchise will be relaunched with its new film and new games: what I can say is that the film is going on, I’m working with Konami. I think that on a forum someone was able to deduce this and he was absolutely right; in other words, the film is part of a whole. The franchise will be relaunched with video games, so the film will be part of the new global policy. I think they were galvanized by the success of the reboots of Resident Evil 2 and 3, which are wonderful games».

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Yesterday Hideo Kojima made his collaboration with XBOX official:

And today I remembered an old interview released in January of this year in which he talked about a new project that he had never seen before, calling it something 'edgy', and most likely referred to the project related to XBOX (which is so early in development that it doesn’t even have a name, this suggests that Overdose is the other game in development, an AAA named in the same interview).

The interview took place at J-Wave Radio program "Innovation World" on January 22, 2022, and there spread the following information:

He said "before was the era of playing games on the couch and at home, later with the PSP it became portable so you can play with everyone, then you could connect online, this is beyond that."

He says he has had the idea for this game for 4-5 years but until the gaming and technology world would have reached what it would take to develop it, he could never have done it, and now he says that it has come to the point where what he wants to do has become possible. (I remind you that he was working on a project with the cloud technology of Google Stadia, but it was deleted, probably it was there that he agreed with Microsoft).

It also says that it will be a completely different concept, it is not a traditional game, it is not an AR game, it is not like Pokemon Go and will not serve high-performance hardware like the PS5/Xbox Series (so it seems pretty obvious that it talks about the cloud project in collaboration with Microsoft).

He summarizes it by saying that it is something that when people see it they will say "eehh? what is this?".Finally, he states that it is probably not a game that will require a large budget, on the contrary, he says that it will probably be an 'indie', and that in addition to this project he is working on another AAA game, so with a much larger budget (which might just be Overdose with Margaret Qualley).

What do you think about all this?

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