IT Pennywise will have a Prequel TV Series called ‘Welcome to Derry’ Developed by HBO: is this the License under which Dead by Daylight will Work with Stephen King?


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Recently I talked about the possibility of a collaboration between Stephen King and Dead by Daylight suggested by an interview with the Creative Director of the game:

And today came another official regarding the IT license:
HBO (those who produced and distributed, among others, Game of Thrones) is working on a TV series Prequel about IT.

The Director will be Andy Muschietti, that is the one who also directed the recent Pennywise films of 2017 and 2019, and will also be the screenwriter of the series together with Jason Fuchs, while the production will be his sister, Barbara Muschietti.

The TV series will be set in the 60s, so about 30 years before the events told in the two recent films, and will focus on the origins of Pennywise.

For those who don’t know, Andy Muschietti has never denied the desire to work on a TV series that would expand and tell the best of the universe created by Stephen King, since in the two films, many things were cut to avoid excessively long products.

Moreover, during the process of IT and IT - Chapter Two, some images had emerged confirming the existence of a scene that told the first encounter between IT, in its initial anthropomorphic form, and a young mother of Derry, who in order to save his own town offers in tribute his son to the creature. This scene was never included in the final edit, but it could be part of the TV series.

As mentioned earlier, Andy Muschietti in a 2019 interview, shortly after the release of IT - Chapter Two, anticipated the desire to work on the IT universe again, declaring:
"This is the conclusion of the book, so there is no third part. This is the end of the Losers' journey against Pennywise. But, as we all know, mythology is very rich and, in Stephen King’s book, Pennywise has existed for a million years, has been in contact with humans for at least five hundred years and returns every twenty-seven years".

It’s not strange to see a new IT project in the works, as the two previous films have grossed a total of over 1 billion dollars.

And from this project, even Behaviour Interactive could take advantage (or maybe it is already doing), trying to make a deal to bring IT to Dead by Daylight:

Mathieu Cote, Game Director of Dead by Daylight, has recently said several times that the game has now become a Hall of Fame of the Horror world, and that sometimes the same companies contact Behaviour Interactive to make a collaboration, since it has now become an important showcase within the genre, and therefore a collaboration with them could bring even more hype to the project of HBO and Andy Muschietti, also because Dave Richard and Mathieu Cote have always expressed their desire to collaborate with Stephen King to bring IT into their game.

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And you? What do you think about it? would you like a collaboration between Stephen King and Dead by Daylight? are you an IT fan?

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