Kirsty Cotton may be joining Dead by Daylight but separated from the Hellraiser Chapter due to license ‘issues’


Kirsty will be in Dead by Daylight? Read More…

Tomorrow, through the PTB, will be the day of the official reveal of the Hellraiser Chapter, if there will be no postponements.

Currently, this new chapter contains only the killer, with the survivor being released separately in v5.3.0. This has hinted that the new incoming survivor may be original, but, there might be a surprise about it.

Recently, the actress who played Kirsty Cotton in the Hellraiser films, Ashley Laurence, started following the Dead by Daylight and Behaviour Interactive accounts on Twitter.

It has already happened in the past that through Twitter, people understood in advance the collaborations coming to Dead by Daylight. For example, the collaboration with Stranger Things that brought two survivors, was discovered in this way, the actors began to follow Dead by Daylight on twitter just before the official reveal of the chapter.

And now the same thing is happening:

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This could mean either that they have managed to have Kirsty and Pinhead in the same chapter, but only very recently.

Or that Kirsty will be there but she will be released separately due to rights 'issues' with the Hellraiser brand.

What do you think about it?

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