Last Year: A New Big Update!


Last Year is getting ready for another big update. Read More…

The development of Last Year continues, and on April 30th a new big update will be released that will bring changes and news within the Multiplayer Horror of Elastic Games.


With v1.0.17 the tutorial for survivors and killers will arrive. The tutorials for the survivor will focus on the four classes of the game, so there will be the tutorial that will teach you how to best play the assault class, the medical class, the scout class and the technical class. For the killers, however, there will be specific tutorials on the various actions to be performed during the matches, such as using the various skills, making an execution, placing the traps and there will also be a sandbox tutorial that will tell you to kill 5 survivors.


All Fiends will have a new unique ability called Utility Ability. It are movement-based and will not damage the classmates, but will instead give the Fiends more opportunities to be creative in how they can deal damage, or escape from being damaged when in combat with Classmates.


With this new update every 24 hours you will receive two new challenges, one for the survivor and one for the killer, which will compensate you with Mystic Ore (the paid currency).

In addition to the daily trials, the progression system has been completely redone, the token have been eliminated, all skills have become passive and "triggered" passive (they are activated automatically when you do a specific action in the game), they are become all permanent (there is no need to buy them every time for every game) and the Arcanum also arrives for Fiends!

In fact, even the killer of Last Year will be able to equip their spells, you can choose 3, and you can equip 1 for each killer! (you can also equip the same spell on all 3 killers).


Matchmaking will also be improved with the next patch that will arrive on Last Year.

First of all, there will be a ping of players in the lobbies, and for the search for a game session there will be three criteria that will be taken by the matchmaking system in this priority order: Ping, "rank" of players and "age" of the lobbies.This will allow players to have the best gaming experience by avoiding sessions in which there is excessive lag, will allow players who have more or less the same gaming experience to meet, and above all, priority will be given to lobbies that are open for more time, and therefore by the players who have been waiting for the longest.

In addition to matchmaking, the rewards and gameplay has also been improved.

With v1.0.17, infact, the collision between classmates will be removed, this will avoid dying due to an accidental bodyblock from other classmates. The collision between Fiends and Cryptids will also be removed.

And, whenever a survivor respawns, he will have a couple of seconds of invulnerability and zero collision with the killer, this will avoid all those situations in which the killer bodyblock the door of the "rescue cabins" to immediately kill the classmates just saved.

As for the rewards you will get at the end of the game, they will now be linked to your individual performance and will no longer be determined by the performance of entire team.

So if you happen to be in a game where the other classmates are not doing anything to complete the various objectives, do not worry because you will be rewarded properly at the end of the match, unlike the others who will get few points compared to you. But this does not mean that the team's performances have been eliminated from the final rewards of the game, in fact based on how the whole team of classmates will play, a multiplier will be added to your points that will increase them according to how the match and what others have done during the match.

The same thing goes for killers of course, for example, if you happen to kill only 2 of 5 classmates, don't worry, because it will still be an added bonus to your progress that you made during the match!


With the next update there will be many new clothing lines, including: Frost skins, Gold skins, Hero/Villain skins, Outdoor skins and many others!

Below you can see a couple published in preview on the Last Year Discord!

What do you think of this new update?

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