LEATHERFACE Game Texas Chainsaw Massacre Release Date, Killers Info & More + Friday the 13th Lawsuit Over + All Upcoming Changes about Dead by Daylight Gameplay


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In late 2021, a new game was announced under license by the developers of Friday the 13th The Game: Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the Leatherface-licensed multiplayer game.

From the facebook page of the game, is published a post that suggests 2022 as the year of release of the game:

leatherface texas chainsaw massacre game dead by daylight dbd behaviour chapter iconic horror license ringu the ring sadako

In addition, developers have answered on reddit to some questions that fans have asked, including for example the existence of a single player mode, to which it has been replied that at the moment the game is designed to be only multiplayer but nothing is impossible in the long run, in fact they are happy to receive feedback of this type.

As for the killers weapons, they said:

leatherface texas chainsaw massacre game dead by daylight dbd behaviour interactive chapter iconic horror license ringu the ring sadako scream ghostface saw pinhead

They also specified that the game will be in Unreal Engine 4, which are interested in crossplay but do not know if it will be implemented before or after launch.

It is also confirmed that the 3 characters that are in the cover image are 3 killers (Leatherface, The Cook & Hitchhiker), to which will be added other 'originals' created with the help of the original screenwriter Kim Henkel.

All killers will be differentiated from each other, they will not be re-skin of powers as in the game of Friday the 13th. The lobbies will allow you to build your teams and builds in an immediate and simple way, as the strategy and composition of the team will be very important in Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

In addition, the team has learned from the mistakes of Friday the 13th, including the players who quit the game, and are looking for a way to solve these problems in their new game. The experience of Friday the 13th helped them not to make certain mistakes anymore.

Moreover, the game will not be released on Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch, and as for the new generation, the release of the game will simply depend on whether it have fixed the problem of console stocks.


As for Friday the 13th, the case is officially over.

Victor Miller retains the rights to the screenplay of the first film but can only exploit them in the U.S.

Sean Cunningham retains the rights of the adult Jason, but to exploit them he must ask permission from Victor Miller.

In short for the moment to have a new film of the brand, both will have to find an agreement.

We hope to receive positive news about this in the future.


Starting with the next mid-chapter patch, players on Steam will take about 50% less time to download the patches, and the game will weigh about 18GB less. In the future this will be on all platforms, this will require full download of the game, but only once, so do not be afraid if the next PTB (which will be Wednesday, January 5th) will weigh excessively large.

As for the SBMM matchmaking, there will be some changes, including improvements on the coverage of lobbies ensuring fairer matches, better disconnection management, they are trying to introduce a mechanics that adjusts their ratings when they take a break from the game to help players re-enter better when they return to play, finally, improvements to the best server pairing to various players to decrease the queues of matchmaking during the hours when there are fewer online players.

In addition, you are looking for a way to help players playing alone, it is a mechanics still being tested and that could also be completely eliminated: there will be a status icon next to the 'portrait' of each survivor in the HUD to allow those who play alone to have information about what the other survivors are doing.

There will also be a new option in the game’s settings called 'Beta' that will enable features still in the testing phase, this option will also be available on consoles, and the first feature to be part of it will be skills-check to wiggle from the killer, instead of pressing the keys repeatedly to fill the bar of twisting. Finally, there will be a new option in the settings that will allow you to perform interactions by clicking the specific button once and not to hold it down for the duration of the interaction (for example, if you activate this new option, you no longer have to hold a key to stay at the generator, but just click it once).

Are you excited about all this?

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