Dead by Daylight – Legendary Skins & Easter Eggs in the new Silent Hill map


Info about Legendary Skins & some easter egg in the new map! Read More…

With the chapter of Silent Hill, the Legendary Skins also come into the game, some of you still have not understood what they are, so I will explain it to you by showing you one too. In addition, there are so many secrets on the Silent Hill Map that it is worth enclosing them all in this article, if you notice someone else that I have not yet written, let me know and I will update the article!


• On the first floor in the bathroom, if you go up to it you can hear crying from probably Alessa Gillespie because she does that at least in the film to lure Rose Da Silva.

 If the killer breaks the wall in the second floor bathroom or right under it they’ll reveal a small staircase connecting the two floors.

The two rooms near one of the exits (reception and infirmary) are pretty much identical with those rooms in SH. You can even find the bloody book that contained this areas riddles.

When you enter in the map, you will hear the sound of the sirens, these are closely related to the lore of Silent Hill, so I will not spoiler what they refer to.

If you go up the main staircase you can go into a third flight of stairs and at the top there is a door that when pressed up to it you can here breathing from the other side.

The infamous locker room is right where it is in the original game, and there is also the same jumpscare!

There is also the music room, and the keys are bloodied in the same way as the original game:

Additionally, the music in this chapter was created by the original Silent Hill composer: Akira Yamaoka!


Unlike a traditional skin, a Legendary Outfit will change a survivor’s model completely, all the way to a new custom animation. While the survivor will still have the same stats and abilities, their appearance will be completely altered. In this case, a Lisa Garland outfit will be available for Cheryl:

What do you think of this new chapter?

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