Dead by Daylight – ‘Mean Streets Collection’ will be released tomorrow March 18th!

Tomorrow, March 18th, on Dead by Daylight, will be released the first of the six new collections: the "Mean Streets" Collection!

Below you can read more info about this first collection:
Mean Streets Collection: Aiming to inspire confidence and leadership in his students, Adam Francis leads by example with his classy yet casual Inspirational Teacher outfit. Meanwhile, in an attempt to turn his luck around, Ace Visconti makes a return to Las Vegas sporting his lucky shirt and sequins with the Ace Vegas outfit.

Mean Streets Collection Banner:

The 'Mean Streets' Collection will be released at 11:00 AM EDT.

I remind you that if you want to check the release date of the other collections, you can do it here: https://www.leaksbydaylight.com/all-release-dates-of-v3-6-0-collections/

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