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The Pennywise IT Prequel Tv Series Is Officially Confirmed at HBO!

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I told you about it several months ago and now it has become official:
Pennywise will get a prequel TV series to be distributed on HBO!

The project will be directed by the same director of the recent IT movies, that of 2017 and 2019: Andy Muschietti.

In addition to him, Barbara Muschietti and Jason Fuchs will also be working on the TV series.

Fuchs will write the first episode and serve as showrunner of the TV series along with Brad Caleb Kane. Andy Muschietti, on the other hand, will direct several episodes of the series including the first episode.

These are the words of Andy and Barbara Muschietti:
''As teenagers, we took turns reading chapters of Stephen King's It until the thick book fell apart. It is an epic story that contains so much, far beyond what we were able to explore in our IT films. We look forward to sharing the depths of Steve's novel, in all its heart, humor, humanity and horror."

Fuchs added:
"Being able to return to the world of my favorite horror novel of all time and help build the singularly brilliant cinematic universe created by Andy and Barbara is more than the opportunity of a lifetime, it is a dream come true-or, perhaps more appropriately, a nightmare."

Stephen King also released a statement about this new TV series:
"I'm thrilled that the story of Derry, Maine's most haunted town, is continuing, and I'm delighted that Andy Muschietti will be overseeing the spooky festivities, along with a mastermind team that includes his talented sister, Barbara. Red balloons for everyone!"

There are currently very few details about the production, all that is known is that it will be a TV series delving into the origins of IT and that it will be set in the 1960s, about 30 years before the events of the last two films.

Andy Muschietti had stated some time ago:
''There's a whole mythology in the book... Mythology is something you always have opportunities to explore. Pennywise has been on Earth for millions of years. He has been in contact with humans for hundreds of years, every 27 years. So you can imagine the amount of material. It is always exciting to think about exploring this mythology. It is very exciting. But, for now, there is nothing on the table."

Some time ago at an interview granted to Variety, HBO's Max Head of Originals Sarah Aubrey said:
“We have been working with Jason Fuchs, Brad Caleb Kane, Andy Muschietti and Barbara Muschietti very closely, they’re so deep into this mythology and they have such a firm handle on the storytelling around these characters and also the demented scares that they’re putting into things. Sometimes I’m, like, ‘What’s wrong with you?’ Just all the wild ways they think up to terrify us. You’ll be hearing more concretely about that development very soon. Andy is very involved in every bit of this, so that is the real recipe for success and for delighting fans.

And for those who don't know about it, there is also a rumor that Behaviour Interactive will collaborate with HBO to bring Pennywise to Dead by Daylight; references have also been found in some of the game's assets:

When there is new information I will let you know, in the meantime are you happy? are you Pennywise fans?

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