Dead by Daylight – PTB Official Date & Upcoming Changes to the Game!


A few minutes ago a new Developer Update came out which confirms the date for the PTB and anticipates all the news that will come into play with the Mid-Chapter! Read More…


A few minutes ago a new Developer Update came out which confirms the date for the PTB and anticipates all the news that will come into play with the Mid-Chapter!

All the changes below will be possible to test tomorrow March 7th in the Player Test Build on PC!


As you well know, every time a new survivor starts working on a generator that another survivor is already working on, the progress bar turns red, this is because a malus is added to the generator's completion speed. From the next patch, the completion penalty is increased from -10% to -15%, thus increasing the completion time of a generator made by four survivors from 28 seconds to 36 seconds.

The percentage of progression that survivors get when they manage to make a "great repair skillcheck" from 2% progress (about 1.6 seconds worth of time saved) to 1% (about 0.8 seconds worth of time saved) has also been decreased. But the blood points you get by making a great skill check from 150 points to 300 points have been doubled.

Due to these changes, two perks have also changed:
- Prove Thyself: Increased the repair speed bonus from 10% to 15%.
- Stake Out: Now increases the great skill check success bonus from 1% to 2%.


In this mid-chapter patch many changes have been made to the maps including tile tweaks, modifications or replacements of some loops with the windows, spawn of the windows, size and layout of the maps. Below you can see an info-graphic of the various changes made:


- Controller Sensitivity: From the next patch, the sensitivity for the controller will almost double. So if with 100% sensitivity you weren't fast enough to play your best, the problem should be solved.

- Legion Tracking: Currently, The Legion regains its tracking skills until their fatigue ends. From the next update, however, this will change, allowing The Legion to see scratch marks & blood polls as soon as the Feral Frenzy effects ends.

- Attempt Hook Escape: Most new players who start playing Dead by Daylight think that try to escape from the hook after they are hooking is a good idea to escape, risking to die immediately and compromising the game for the whole team. From the next update, audio effects and visual effects will be added to make you understand that what you are doing is wrong.

- 'Head On' Improvement: To make you immediately understand when the perk is ready to be used, from the next update it will light up with a timer similar to the one present for the 'Inner Strength' perk.

- Mori Interaction: From the next update it will no longer be possible to repeat the intro of the Mori animation to annoy the survivor, this will be changed by blocking the killer in the animation of the mori from the moment it starts to the moment it ends.

- Protection Hit Improvements: With the next update there will be a new modification to the protection hits, in fact now when a survivor enters in the radius of an injured survivor, this will have a persistent effect, allowing him to receive a protection hit a few seconds after the injured survivor away.

What do you think? Are you satisfied with these changes?

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