Resident Evil X Dead by Daylight – Project W with Albert Wesker, Ada Wong & Rebecca Chambers: Raccoon City Map Rework Leaked + Wesker Chase Music


Resident Evil Project W Map + Wesker Chase Music Leaks. Read More…

In about a month will be officially released on all platforms the new chapter of Dead by Daylight in collaboration with Resident Evil that will bring Albert Wesker, Ada Wong and Rebecca Chambers in the game, everything will be presented tomorrow at the event Behaviour Beyond but for those who are informed, already knows everything for several weeks:

With the arrival of this new Chapter, the map of Resident Evil will also be modified, which in fact will also change its name and will be called 'Raccoon City Police Station East Wing'.

Also, for those who want, this is the chase music that Albert Wesker will have:

Are you excited about this upcoming Resident Evil Chapter?

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