Return To Silent Hill: James Sunderland Actor, Pyramid Head, Plot & Casting Revealed!


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A few months ago I told you about the arrival of the new Silent Hill movie, along with new games related to Konami's famous saga:

All those projects pleased the many fans who had been waiting for news from Silent Hill for a very long time.
The start of filming will begin very soon, Pyramid Head will return, and there is also the first synopsis of the film:
Driven by the shadows of his past, James Sunderland returns to Silent Hill to find his lost love, Mary Crane. But the dark, depressing small town is no longer the place from his memories. James meets characters who seem all too familiar and who try to divert him from his search for Mary. The longer he searches for Mary, the more he begins to wonder if this is still reality – or if he has fallen into the dark underworld of Jacob Crane.

James Sunderland will be played by Jeremy Irvine, and directing the film will be the same director as the 2006 film: Christophe Gans.

Return To Silent Hill, this is the name chosen for the film, will be produced by Victor Hadida and Molly Hassell, and will be shot at Lake Ammer, and more in Germany in Penzing, Munich, Rossberg, Nuremberg.

This new upcoming movie will be a German-British-Serbian co-production between Davis Films from Paris, The Electric Shadow Company and Lotus Wallace from London and Munich-based Maze Pictures with Metropolitan.

Benoit Debie will be in charge of photography, Christophe Gans in addition to directing will be in charge of the screenplay, and editing will be Sébastian Prangère.

The film is based on Silent Hill 2 but some things have been changed, such as the arrival of new character Jacob Crane and the change of Mary's name.

When there is new information about the project I will update you, in the meantime what do you think about it?
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