New Silent Hill contents coming to Dead by Daylight? A new game appears to be in Development


A new Silent Hill game is in development? Read More…

Rumors about the development of a new Silent Hill game have been running wild for a year and a half now and finally the date of its official reveal seems to be approaching.

For those who have not followed the story, Konami has been trying to revive the Silent Hill brand for some time, after the last games that did not fully satisfy the fans of that franchise launched in 1999 by a development team that it was literally on the verge of bankruptcy. Silent Hill was in fact their last chance, if they failed even with that project, Team Silent would be closed. And that's where one of the masterpieces of the psychological horror genre was born: Silent Hill.

After the great success of that game, Konami decided to put the Team Silent to work on a sequel, and it was that sequel, Silent Hill 2, that made huge sales to the saga, especially thanks to a psychological horror storytelling that had never been seen in a video game, and to a "villain", Pyramid Head, able to enter the imagination of the players right away.

Since that 2001, the saga becomes a cult and there are developed seven sequels, none of which, however, equal to that second chapter that lit the light on the psychological horror genre like never before in the world of video games.

After the development of Silent Hill Downpour in 2012, to find a way to "revive" the brand, Konami assigns the IP to Hideo Kojima, who in 2014 publishes P.T. the Playable Teaser of what would have been his project: Silent Hills. The following year, in 2015, the project was canceled following disputes between Kojima and Konami, and since then, the Silent Hill franchise has stood still in the thick fog that had created so much sensation in previous years.

In 2018, rumors began to circulate of an insistent return of a new Silent Hill game, Konami began looking for a team that was able to honor the brand, he tried, for example, with the creators of Until Dawn, the Supermassive Games, who presented a prototype which, however, was discarded and from which 'Little Hope' was born, the game released on October 30 this year (those who have played it will have noticed the very strong similarity to Silent Hill).

Finally, the project seems to have been entrusted to Japan Studios, which is a team in which most of the old members of Team Silent are present, or the team that worked on the original Silent Hill game.

Japan Studios is a team that is part of Sony's First Party Studios. For this reason, if so, the game could be exclusive to Playstation consoles.

At work on the reboot/soft reboot of Silent Hill, in addition to Japan Studios, there also seem to be the Bluepoint, team now famous for its excellent remakes, who are working on a second project that is still secret, in addition to Demon's Souls Remake.

In 2020 the Silent Hill franchise began to officially re-appear in the world of video games, first with Dead by Daylight, and then with Astrobot on PS5, which features a Pyramid Head easter egg:

Especially the huge showcase chosen with Dead by Daylight suggests that putting the spotlight back on Silent Hill franchise is because the announcement of a new game is coming.

There are two other clues that confirm this:
A couple of months ago a new official twitter account was created for Silent Hill (it is also followed by the official Konami account) where all the new content on the franchise is published;
Sony's Arab Twitter account has released two teasers that are very reminiscent of Silent Hill and P.T.:

In addition, two other things should be noted:
Months ago there was a leak regarding a Konami project with the code name "Project Fog" coming in 2021;
Masahiro Ito, the creator of Pyramid Head, said in January on his Twitter account that he was working on a new project as a 'core member':

The announcement of the new Silent Hill is expected to take place at the Game Awards next month, December 10th. If so, with the release of the new game, there will be new content on Dead by Daylight as it could be a way to advertise the new game as well.

Are you excited? are you a fan of Silent Hill?

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